Founded since October 2009, we have steadily build our presence in our local community providing end to end service for mobile device. One of the pioneer for Malaysia local brand, we have endure the obstacles place before us for this great 7 years of challenge competing with both international brands and high end brands. We are also grateful to have our 16 years of experience and growing management team specializing in product design, logistic, technical, distribution and customer service.


Bringing technology to revolutionized local brand mobile devices. We believe in difference exist in all of us. Localized branding and mobile devices made by the people for the people. We bring suitable technology in bringing localized culture to everyday use.


To collaborate with local partners and regional authorities in South East Asia region Create cultural featured mobile devices Create affordable or fully subsidized mobile devices for middle class and below

Conceptual Values

Localization – Different places have different needs, we are here to understand and implement. Social Responsibilities – We enable and suggest local partners and authorities to give back to the community. Sincerity – Is the key to our soul when designing product features, rollout, distribution and after acquiring services.